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Arkansas Early Learning, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization established to serve the needs of “at risk” children and families. One of our core beliefs is that everyone, no matter what their circumstances, deserves an opportunity for a better life.

More About Us

Our goal is to provide early childhood education and other family services to the most vulnerable families through the acquisition of grant funding coupled with the generosity of community citizens, businesses, and volunteers.

Our Approach

Vision and Core Values

We strive to address our children's needs in all areas of development- physical, social, emotional, and cognitive-and to provide support and assistance to all those who affect the child's development. We honor issues of cultural relevance, diversity, and inclusion through our validation of the individual strengths of enrolled children and their families.

We prioritize children below the federal poverty level, public assistance, foster children, homeless children, children in the child welfare system, and children with IEPs or IFSPs (disabilities). Our core values are:

We value uniqueness and inclusion.
We ethically lead with integrity and initiate change.
We strive to do more with less.
Everyone compassionately contributes and values all perspectives.
We are committed to excellence, integrity and high standards.
We are committed to sustainability meeting our mandates and the expectations of our stakeholders.

Sustainability: Our Communities' Futures Matter

AEL provides services that are a critical component to a sustainable community by...

A wide variety of community volunteering and corporate citizenship opportunities are available year-round.
We have programs and libraries in every center which yield higher literacy rates in our communities.
Our program results in lower crime rates in our communities. Children in our program are less likely to be incarcerated as adults.
Graduation rates:
Today's AEL graduates are tomorrow's high school and college graduates.
Healthy births:
Our staff works directly with families during pregnancies to assure healthy deliveries.
Healthy families:
Our program assists families in obtaining a medical and dental home making sure checkups are obtained. This leads to fewer emergency room visits.

Affordable homes:
Families in our program are more likely to have a safe and affordable home.

Home ownership:
Families in our program are more likely to be gainfully employed leading to higher rates of home ownership.

Safer neighborhoods:
As part of our communities, we help families establish goals to be excellent citizens and homeowners. Our families' success means safer and more attractive neighborhoods inour communities.

Small businesses:
Our graduates become part of their communities and are more likely to succeed, opening businesses and giving back to their communities. More new small businesses help local economies thrive.

Educated workforce:
We are committed to the professional development of our staff. A better educated workforce is a net gain for the entire community.

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Our Mission

Building a stronger community by empowering children and families with skills essential to their success.


Our Vision

Our overall vision is to bring about a greater degree of social competence in children of low-Income families.


Our Solution

We provide comprehensive child and family services through early intervention programs.

Our Passion is to Create a Difference

Give your child a Head Start by enrolling in one of our school readiness programs.

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